A Holistic Approach to

Health & Wellness 



A Hollistic Approach to

Health & Wellness 

Ayurveda is science of Life. It believes that prevention is better than cure.

About Ayurveda

Ayurveda Bodywork are therapies designed to release, collect & remove toxins in body.

Ayurveda Bodywork

Ayurveda Consultations focuses primarily on body types and provides individualistic program



Amy S.

I have been working with Dr. Aparna Pattewar for a year or so and have experienced a dramatic improvement in my overall health.  My arthritis symptoms, food sensitivities and mood swings are no longer noticeable. I attribute the dramatic change due to the Abhyanga (special oil massage) and Swedana (steam following the massage) which helped me to eliminate toxins.  I believe my body is now able to function as it should through the information and techniques she provided. I did follow her 4-day cleanse and diet for my Dosha/body type. My body was running hot causing an imbalance and a host of issues. I purchased her cookbook and found her recipes and tips extremely helpful, delicious and interesting using new spices. When I eat some of the foods she suggested I avoid, I now notice they don’t agree with me and better understand why I need to avoid or at least limit them. I found the hair analysis she did very thorough and feel I am doing what I need to do to help the fall out I experienced after menopause. I recently had a Chakra Balancing session and left feeling very grounded and happy. I am very pleased to say that Aparna’s practice has been a very positive influence in my healing.  I am happy to find her trustworthy and very knowledgeable in the field of Ayurveda. It’s nice to work with someone that truly listens and understands people as well as promotes holistic healing. I feel as though I am on a much healthier path now and have the knowledge and tools I need to maintain a healthy body and mind going forward. I am so glad I found her practice and plan to continue with the massages and health checks as needed. “Thank you” to Dr. Pattewar and her staff for all you do!


Dr. Aparna is probably the only authentic ayurveda specialist in MA. She is a careful listener with a calm and assuring personality. While inspiring hope that even a chronic health condition can be improved, she explained that because the body has endured it for decades, one should not expect instant cures. She devised a regimen of diet and lifestyle changes that were practical for me given my unique schedule. She also recommended some herbs and therapies. Her genuine concern for her patient's health comes across in every one of her gestures. The therapists who perform various treatments such as abhyanga and swedana are also well trained and equally adept at making the patient feel comfortable. In one short month, I already feel some beneficial effects from the herbs and other therapies even though I have not followed the recommendation for diet and lifestyle changes perfectly. I am grateful that such a holistic, authentic ayurveda practice exists within my reach.

James Holland

I drove my wife to a Shirodhara/ Bliss Therapy session with Ayur Services; I didn't personally receive a treatment. She very much enjoyed her treatment and hopes to schedule again in the future. The treatment rooms are very warm and comfortable, and the wooden treatment tables from India look divine:) The entire office is clearly designed and consecrated so as to maximize the efficacy of the treatments. I would therefore highly recommend Ayur Services, And I look forward to being able to enjoy a treatment myself at some point in the future!


I used Vaidya Aparna's service a few months back. She recommended some basic lifestyle changes along with Ayurvedic medicine for my symptoms. After strictly following her recommendations I got a good relief within a month. What I was impressed with was her willingness to listen patiently to my concerns. She never hurried and at the end suggested medicine. We do not even get 15 min with our regular doctors! She was with me for almost an hour. As suggested by her, I am continuing the medicine and trying to make the lifestyle changes more permanent, hoping that I can come out of the medicine within a few months.

Tyzza Hartmann

I had the best experience at Ayur Services. Dr. Aparna has so much knowledge and helped me improve my health through a healthy diet, herbs and treatments. I also had a wonderful and most relaxing and grounding experience with Sarah. I got the massage and oil drip treatment. It improved my sleep, and really helped with anxiety. I highly recommend !!!

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Meet the Vaidya

(Vaidya) Aparna Pattewar


Ayurveda and Panchakarma (Detox) & Pulse Reading Expert, Diet & Lifestyle Consultant, Co-Author of Ayurveda Cookbook, Licensure Massage Therapist.

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