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Ayurveda Cooking Class

•    Transform your relationship with food with personalized food choices which are suitable to your body type to enhance vitality and wellbeing.
•    Learn how to cook simple, healthy and satisfying recipes. Cultivate your intuitive healing abilities using food as medicine.
•    Know about Digestion, Gut health, 3 constitutions, 6 types of food taste, Food potency, post digestive effect of food on our body. Also know about food to balance our hormones. 
•    Learn about spices encyclopedia and how to use them to improve your digestion and cleanse the body and eliminate toxins out of body.
•    Know how to set up your kitchen for easy everyday cooking.
•    How to feed ourself using Ayurvedic wisdom while meeting a modern – day lifestyle.
•    Collection of Recipes
•    Benefits of Ayurveda cooking

  1. Improve digestive and metabolic processes.

  2. Improve immunity and energy levels.

  3. Improve stamina and endurance

  4. Enhances tranquility of mind and reduces anxiety.

  5. Eliminates toxins

  6. Better weight management

  7. Decreases inflammation

  8. Prevent future diseases.

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