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Holistic Weight Loss Program

Are you having excess body weight or belly fat?

Do you often feel tired and get foggy mind?
Are you suffering from Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol & Joint Pain, Infertility, PCOS & Hypothyroid?
Do you want to take control and transform your life??

Then Join our 8 weeks Holistic Weight Loss program.

This program not only focuses on Weight Loss but also instills eating habits and lifestyle that suits your body constitution.

Highlights of the Program:
•    60 min + 45 min Consultation.

•    Body measurement statisti
•    Know your body Constitution (Your Genetic Code)
•    Understand Digestion and Gut health
•    Discuss & Identify issues with current diet and lifestyle
•    Define Holistic Weight Loss Plan
•    Vegan & WFPB (Whole foods plant based) diet
•    Tailored Recipes
•    Exercise, Breathing & Meditation plan
•    Herbal Supplements
•    Periodic Milestones
•    24/7 email support

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