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Chakra Healing

Even though body appears to be a material object, in reality it is field of energy. Ancient Vedic knowledge tells us that this vital energy moves in discretely defined channels, and there exist concentrations of energy in the midline of the body. These centers or wheels of energy are called chakras, and each of these centers identifies a core human need. There are seven chakras which align along the spine starting from the base of the spine to the crown of the head. Each of the chakra contain bundles of nerves and organs and also our psychological, emotional and spiritual states. Hence it is really important that our main seven chakras stay open, aligned and fluid. If a chakra is blocked then the flow of energy is impeded depriving the body of self-healing, self-balancing of prana.

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Chakra healing treatment will identify the blocks and will help remove them. The treatment is based on ancient healing ritual known as Tattva Shuddhi. During this session the therapist will work with you to activate your energy centers by placing attention to each chakra by using light or stone.


Leads to deep purification, transformation and rejunevation. Nourishes energy channels. Release emotional pain from past experiences. 

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