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A Holistic Approach to

Health & Wellness

Pulse Checking


In-Person Consultations

60 min first or 45 min follow-up in person consultation discussing your current health status, concerns & lifestyle. Through Ayurveda Pulse reading, imbalances will be identified and a customized health care plan consisting of diet, lifestyle and herbs will be recommended. 




60 min first and 45 min follow-up Zoom Consultation discussing your current health status, concerns & lifestyle. Imbalances will be examined and customized health care plan consisting of diet, lifestyle and herbs will be recommended. 



Hair & Scalp

60 min Complete scalp analysis, photography, microscopic testing as well as Hair Quotient (HQ) and Hair Constitution Analysis
This also includes oayurveda consulation for overall health concerns.


Holistic Weight Loss Program

Are you having excess body weight or belly fat?

Do you often feel tired and get foggy mind?

Are you suffering from Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol & Joint Pain, Infertility, PCOS & Hypothyroid?

Do you want to take control and transform your life?? Then Join our 8 weeks Holistic Weight Loss program.

This program not only focuses on Weight Loss but also instills eating habits and lifestyle that suits your body constitution.


Holistic Approach for Healthy Pregnancy

Garbha Sanskar

Program Includes:

  • Personalized consultation & guidance.

  • Nutrition & Lifestyle counselling.

  • Tailored Yoga & Meditation classes

  • Mindfulness & Stress management.

  • Post delivery recovery & New born care.

  • Music & Mantry Therapy


Ayurveda Cooking Classes

Benefits of Ayurveda cooking

  • Improve digestive and metabolic processes.

  • Improve immunity and energy levels.

  • Improve stamina and endurance

  • Enhances tranquility of mind and reduces anxiety.

  • Eliminates toxins

  • Better Weight Management

  • Decreases Inflammation

  • Prevent Future Diseases


Nidhi J.

North Carolina

"I met Dr. Aparna when I was visiting my brother in 

Boston one summer. I was having some problems and my brother immediately recommended her. She was very helpful.

Then I was able to reconnect with her via Zoom, based on the present day situation. She was able to diagnose my issues and mailed me a packet of medicines. She is very methodical in her approach. She takes very good notes during consultation and provides you a summary along with the medications. Her knowledge of ayurveda is very evident when she offers explanations and answers to our questions. She prepares a medley of herbs based on the individual requirement.

She instills that confidence in you that she will guide you in the direction of cure, as she says it's not only meds, but also lifestyle changes and discipline."

Ved PItre

Billerica MA

Dr. Aparna has really helped me improve my body through herbs and healthy diet options.
I would really recommend this to anyone looking for a natural way to improve their health!

Annette Krawietz

New Hampshire

Ayur Services, has an amazing team of Ayurvedic health professionals. The team is led by Vaidya / Doctor Aparna Pattewar who is highly dedicated to her patients. Vaidya Pattewar takes the time needed to understand a patient’s health situation, advises and treats based on personal needs and life circumstances. Her team of licensed massage therapists provides a tranquil environment and wonderful sessions, providing deep relaxation and the opportunity to completely disconnect. There is nothing more soothing to quiet down body and mind than the enjoyment of an herbal steam bath directly after a massage.


Tyngboro MA

Hi, my name is Laherika. I would like to give review on 2 important things that will help for clear understanding regarding Doctor and the Ayurveda cookbook by Dr. Aparna pattewar.
1) It was my first time to consult Ayurveda Doctor. Dr. Aparna has been very patient regarding my problem with hyper pigmentation. I have been to cosmetologist, dermatologists for my issue and there I was not even given much time to explain my problem. But, Dr.Aparna gave me an hour of appointment time where I told her my problem and she patiently heard all that I wanted to say. I was advised many things to follow regarding my diet and I realised I was in wrong eating habits and diet before. I was given a brief guidelines for the treatment of my issue. Best part is , I call Doctor whenever I needed advice regarding my issue and she is always so kind to answer my questions in detail. I appreciate all the help and I am so thankful to have such a good doctor for my skin problem.

2)I was given this "Ayurveda cookbook" from my Ayurveda Doctor "Aparna Pattewar" for my daily diet to follow. This book was definitely a very good place to start with for a beginner like me. It has clean, neat and simple explanation on what Ayurveda is and what doshas your body has. I never knew all about this but this book gave me clear understanding on what my body type is and what food I should take in order maintain good balanced diet. I am completely in love with this book.
This book has nice, simple food recipes to cook and I am enjoying my meals.
I have tried most of the recipes provided in this cookbook and I loved them all. It made me feel healthy, nutritious and satisfactory on what I ate.
Book also mentions about the improper food combinations which is very helpful. Food Guidelines are very clear on what to eat depending on bodytype. Definitely, I highly recommend this book to have healthy balance in your food diet.

I hope this review helps!

Raghava Chaitanya

Boston MA

I had a very good experience at Ayur services. Dr. Aparna recommended herbs, healthy diet and life style changes for my acid re-flux that was bothering me from many months. Also, had a great experience with Abhyanga (massage), swedana(steam) & shirodhara ( bliss therapy). I strongly recommend to visit Ayur services. Thanks Dr. Aparna.

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Meet the Vaidya

(Vaidya) Aparna Pattewar


Ayurveda and Panchakarma (Detox) & Pulse Reading Expert, Diet & Lifestyle Consultant, Co-Author of Ayurveda Cookbook, Licensure Massage Therapist.

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