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A Holistic Approach to

Health & Wellness 



A Hollistic Approach to

Health & Wellness 

Ayurveda is science of Life. It believes that prevention is better than cure.

About Ayurveda

Ayurveda Bodywork are therapies designed to release, collect & remove toxins in body.

Ayurveda Bodywork

Ayurveda Consultations focuses primarily on body types and provides individualistic program




I used Vaidya Aparna's service a few months back. She recommended some basic lifestyle changes along with Ayurvedic medicine for my symptoms. After strictly following her recommendations I got a good relief within a month. What I was impressed with was her willingness to listen patiently to my concerns. She never hurried and at the end suggested medicine. We do not even get 15 min with our regular doctors! She was with me for almost an hour. As suggested by her, I am continuing the medicine and trying to make the lifestyle changes more permanent, hoping that I can come out of the medicine within a few months.

Tyzza Hartmann

I had the best experience at Ayur Services. Dr. Aparna has so much knowledge and helped me improve my health through a healthy diet, herbs and treatments. I also had a wonderful and most relaxing and grounding experience with Sarah. I got the massage and oil drip treatment. It improved my sleep, and really helped with anxiety. I highly recommend !!!

Jayashri Barhate

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Dr.Aparna is wonderful vaidya. She is helping me for hyper acidity. She recommended me some herbs, healthy diet and simple lifestyle changes which are working nicely.


We have had a good experience with Ayur services. Ayurveda works with the root cause of a problem and aims for a permanent cure. Vaidya Aparna listens with great attention, sets up a goal that is achievable in a time frame, devises a plan that involves a few changes in lifestyle and suggests some herbal intakes for the patient. She aims to get to the heart of the issue, motivates and instills confidence in the patient all through the way. Her office has a serene and healing atmosphere that promotes positivity and peace. We recommend Ayur services if you are looking for nature cure.

Sheila Rajan

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Dr. Aparna Pattewar is an authentic Ayurvedic doctor. She has a solid knowledge of Ayurveda including pulse analysis. Her office is calming and orderly. Thanks to the diet changes, daily remedies and herbs she prescribed me, I was able to eliminate my acne and loose ~7lbs.

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Meet the Vaidya

(Vaidya) Aparna Pattewar


Ayurveda and Panchakarma (Detox) & Pulse Reading Expert, Diet & Lifestyle Consultant, Co-Author of Ayurveda Cookbook, Licensure Massage Therapist.

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